Grounded Review – You’re The Size Of An Ant In Obsidian’s Co-Op Crafting Survival Game, Demo Available On Steam

Grounded Review – You’re The Size Of An Ant In Obsidian’s Co-Op Crafting Survival Game, Demo Available On Steam
Credit: Obsidian via YouTube

Grounded, a new crafting, survival and multiplayer game from Obsidian Entertainment is now available to check out as a free demo on Steam (and some Xbox One users) during the Summer Festival.

While the game will have a primary focus on co-op play, this short thirty-minute demo does give an interesting insight into what the game offers as a solo-player before it releases officially on July 28th.

The premise of the game is pretty simple. You’ve been shrunk down to the size of an ant and now need to survive in a hostile world of creepy crawlies and over-sized environments. Yes. The storyline is basically Honey I Shrunk The Kids from 1989.

Spiders, ants and bumblebees are the biggest threats as you try to carve out an existence down in the undergrowth. Working together with other players is encouraged, as you communicate and stockpile resources together. Of course, in this demo, you’re out there alone.

Crafting is the main gameplay mechanic as far the demo is concerned, but it’s clear that the game will be accessible as both a solo player and with friends. The crafting isn’t too complicated – this could be seen both as a pro and a con depending on your preference.

Building a base is essential. Protecting your nest against aggressive enemies will allow you more time to conduct research and continue building up an arsenal of weapons and resources.

The map is quite expansive, even in this short demo. Different areas require different techniques to tackle, whether it’s a watery mess next to a hosepipe or a Spider-infested area that plays out like a Dark Souls boss battle.

From a first glance, the graphics, music and UI definitely need work. Some textures are still a bit rough, the general sound effects are clear but the background music is a bit generic, and the UI doesn’t make it easy to understand your resources or the map as a whole.

As a solo game Grounded will be all about surviving, like heading out on your first trip into the world of Ark, or Rust. Like those games, playing with friends allows for a more gung-ho approach as you take down the scariest enemies with teamwork.

The demo is definitely worth checking out on Steam if you’re a fan of the survival and crafting genre. It’s a relatively unique take on the format, and Obsidian Entertainment is obviously a respected studio.