The Demo For Obsidian’s Grounded Is Now Available To All Steam Users And Some Xbox One Users

The Demo For Obsidian’s Grounded Is Now Available To All Steam Users And Some Xbox One Users
Credit: Steam

Select gamers can now check out Grounded, the upcoming multiplayer survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, thanks to a 30-minute demo that’s available for Steam and Xbox One. The demo will only be available for a week or so, but you’re free to restart it over and over again and make the most of that 30-minute window each time.

So what’s the deal with “some” Xbox One users? Unfortunately, the demo is only available to some players that are registered to Xbox Insider. That means that even if you are registered, you still might not have access. The only way to know for sure is to fire up your console and check for yourself.

For Steam users, however, the demo is open to everybody. It’s part of the Steam Summer Game Festival, where hundreds of demos just became available on the service. According to Steam, Grounded is still set for a July 28 release.

While the full game will be a cooperative survival experience, the demo is solely single player. Still, that should give you enough of a taste to know if you’ll want to play the full title with friends. If anything, things that are difficult in the demo will be that much easier in the full game when you’re joined by a friend or two or three.

Grounded is the next game from Obsidian, who came in hot off of the release of the critically and commercially successful The Outer Worlds. Grounded puts you into the shoes of a tiny teenager. Not tiny as in a little short, but tiny as in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids tiny. You’re stranded in a suburban backyard and you have to survive all sorts of dangers that would pose no threat if you were normal-sized. We’re talking about ants, spiders, and other coin-sized creatures.

Gameplay-wise, Grounded sounds like it plays a lot like your typical (and currently super popular) survival game, with the need to craft armor and bases and generally stay alive. The setting, however, really makes it stand out in a very crowded market. To put it bluntly, it looks awesome, and now everyone has the chance to see for themselves.

Are you looking forward to Grounded? Are you going solo or teaming up with a squad of bite-sized companions? Am I the only one living out a long-held Honey, I Shrunk The Kids fantasy?

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