The PS5 Version Of Bugsnax Is Still Free To PS Plus Members

The PS5 Version Of Bugsnax Is Still Free To PS Plus Members
Credit: GameSpot Gameplay via YouTube

December is just about to come to a close. But before it does and the new year officially arrives, it’s not too late to pick up December’s PlayStation Plus freebies. That includes the PS5 version of Bugsnaxfrom Young Horses.

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If you like games that have light-hearted tones and take you on whimsical adventures, it’s definitely a free offering you don’t want to miss out on. It will be available until January 4th so there is still some time to get in on the heart-warming festivities if you’ve missed out.

Since its November release, Bugsnax has gone over pretty well. There aren’t a lot of games out on the PS5 right now so this action-adventure game definitely has stood out, especially when you take into account its distinct concepts.

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If you’re not already familiar with the premise behind Bugsnax, you’re a reporter that’s sent to the colorful island of Snaktooth. It’s home to food creatures called Bugsnax, which are adorable and hard not to love.

The concept of food as creatures is certainly an interesting direction that never grows tiresome in this game, even though the main missions tend to have a rinse and repeat formula.

You’re main goal is to interview residents of Snaktooth, who are scattered about and want you to complete missions for them before they agree to meet in a central place. The missions vary, but most of them center around collecting Bugsnax. It’s like Pokemon, only the creatures resemble some sort of food. From pizza to strawberries, every food group is pretty represented in this game.

The developer put a lot of variety into their designs and behaviors, which gives you plenty of excitement when encountering different species. The game’s fun nature and family-friendly tones are great elements that you’ll appreciate early on in the story.

Bugsnax on the PS5 doesn’t really make use of the next-gen capabilities, but it’s a game that has a lot of heart and will take you on a surprising emotional journey by the end. It’s also easy to appreciate the simple, yet meaningful story filled with plot twists.

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If you have a PS Plus membership and haven’t added it to your collection, now’s a good time. There is a lot to love with the story, character variety, and of course, the Bugsnax. It should hold you over until the next round of freebies release for PS Plus members in January.