You Can Claim Metro: Last Light Redux For Free On For The Next 48 Hours

You Can Claim Metro: Last Light Redux For Free On For The Next 48 Hours
Credit: Metro Last Light via Steam

To celebrate the end of’s Winter Sale that has been running throughout the course of December, you can now pick up Metro: Last Light Redux for free over the next 48 hours. That brings you right up until the 1st of January, so grab it quickly while you still can.

Although the website is down at the time of writing – still, give it a go, it might not be affecting everyone – you still have at least today and tomorrow to claim the critically-acclaimed game from 4A Studios.

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Originally released back in 2013, Metro: Last Light Redux is essentially the “director’s cut” of the Xbox 360/PS4 generation game from Ukrainian studios 4A. It includes all the DLC and has had its graphics revamped, and though the game is getting on a bit now, it’s still a complete classic.

Set in the year 2034 (a year after Metro 2033) in the post-apocalyptic Moscow, Metro takes place in the various tunnels of the Metro, as several station-cities wage war against the horrors in the outside world, and battle against each other for control.

You play the character that pivots at the center of the conflict and providing you are successful, you will be able to bring balance to the remnants of Humanity. Oh, and there are some scary, scary, scary mutants.

It’s an FPS survival game (with definite horror elements in there as well) based on the best-selling novels of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro: Last Light is the second game in the franchise, set after 2033 and before Metro Exodus.

With a solid 9/10 rating from multiple outlets, if you haven’t delved into the world of Metro before, this is your perfect chance thanks to GOG.

The Redux version of the game is the definitive version, including an upgrade to 4A’s newer next-gen engine, as well as including the 10-hours of additional content in the form of new single-player missions.

There’s also a bunch of new melee animations, the ability to check your watch/supplies on the go, and a total animation overhaul for the player’s main character. Despite being released in 2013, the game runs smoothly, optimized for newer machines.

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You can download and play Metro: Last Light Redux for free on GOG for the next 24-hours and play DRM-free. That concludes the GOG Winter Sale, which saw many titles on the platform receive huge discounts – including the much-loved Witcher 3.