Spirit Of The North: Enhanced Edition Is Now Available On The PS5

Spirit Of The North: Enhanced Edition Is Now Available On The PS5
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

One of the more unique games of 2019 was without question Spirit of the North. It tells the interesting tale of a red fox, who befriends a female spirit fox that turns out to be the Guardian of the Northern Lights. The game’s Icelandic environments are a thing of beauty that you just have to experience for yourself.

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And now, the Enhanced Edition is available on Sony’s new PlayStation 5. If you have this coveted next-gen console and were a fan of the base experience in Spirit of the North, you may be wondering how the Enhanced Edition is different.

Thanks to a trailer reveal, you don’t have to remain in suspense. What stands out immediately are the new 4K landscapes. The game was already great in the visual department, but now, it makes full use of the PS5’s enhanced specs.

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The developer knew they had to do something special in the graphics department to warrant an Enhanced Edition. Based on the visuals in the most recent trailer, they’ve succeeded with what they set out to do.

Also included in this reworked action adventure game are two new platform-exclusive skins: Champagne and Black Marble. And then you have the 60FPS, which has been a huge selling point of the PS5.

All in all, it’s a nice remastered package that should reintroduce this emotional and unique title to a new audience. Aside from the upgrades, Spirit of the North has a lot of elements worth checking out regardless of which platform you play it on.

The game doesn’t have any subtitles or narrators. Instead, the developer focuses on environmental storytelling. You’ll take the red fox and explore open-ended environments that are dripping in detail and intrigue. Occasionally, the spirit fox will come in and guide you to target locations.

When you’re not exploring and putting pieces together in the story, you’ll be solving puzzles. They start off pretty basic, but then as you progress, they can be a bit challenging. You’re rewarded for keeping your wits about you.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Spirit of the North and have a PS5, now’s the perfect time thanks to the graphic enhancements. They really do make this game a better experience.

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You can take in all of the Icelandic details and appreciate a well-written story that will move you in different ways by the end of it. The journey is a memorable one.