WWE 2K20 Releases New Originals Add-On Pack “Wasteland Wanderers”

WWE 2K20 Releases New Originals Add-On Pack “Wasteland Wanderers”
Credit: WWE2K20 via YouTube

WWE 2K20 has had its fair share of criticism in the last few months since its release. 2K Games and Visual Concepts have released a major patch monthly so far.

As bug fixes are rolled out, the developer and publisher continue to release new content for those still enjoying the game.

The newest WWE 2K20 Originals is Wasteland Warriors. This marks the second major installment of the Originals series, where each content pack comes with a unique environment.

The official PlayStation 4 store page states: “Scarce resources, a never-ending drought, and a once-thriving civilization that has now collapsed into a barren wasteland. Wasteland Wanderers comes with 6 playable Superstars, 4 brand-new story towers, 2 new arenas, a new 2K Showcase, superstar parts, objects, and dozens of new character parts!”

The new WWE Superstars in Wasteland theme include Seth the Wanderer, Overlord Samoa Joe, Corbin the Gatekeeper, Ali Fortune Fighter, Grand Champion Batista, Advocate Jack Gallagher, Warrior Ruby Riott, and Raider Velveteen Dream.

The new showcase is centered around Seth the Wanderer, as he’s invited to a tournament with the promise of water and other rations.

The new warriors will fight in either of two new arenas: Overlord’s Coliseum and The Scrapyard.

The preview images for the new Origins shows Wasteland armor and weapons like a chest plate, helmet with mohawk, boots, chairs, hammers, and baseball bats.

The new Story towers include the Fatal Four Way matches “Song of the Drifter” starring Elias, “Trapped With Me” starring Rhea Ripley, “Gas Tax” starring Pete Dunne, and “Hostile Takeover” starring Roman Reigns.

The trailer and screenshots so far show the new survivor-based Originals pack taking heavy inspiration from films like Mad Max.

The previous Originals DLC, “Bump in the Night,” was released around Halloween. “Bump in the Night” focuses on “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in various horror-themed scenarios. Players can still purchase the first Originals, but it is included in the Deluxe edition.

Wasteland Warriors is available with WWE 2K20 Deluxe and SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Editions or can be purchased separately for $14.99.

Though fans may feel worried about picking up the game in its current state, new updates and bug fixes will continue to be released into the new year.

WWE 2K20 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.