Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Isn’t Coming Out Until 2021, Developer Announces

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Isn’t Coming Out Until 2021, Developer Announces
Credit: Full gameplay via YouTube

Cuphead— the iconic run and gunner featuring intense boss battles — has had a pretty good run thus far. It has been out since 2017 and gradually become better. Players have enjoyed a good bit of post-launch content as well.

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The game’s last downloadable content looked like it was going to come out this year, but now, 2021 is the new release period. That’s according to the developer Studio MDHR. They don’t want to put out an unfinished product just for the sake of keeping in line with their original timeframe.

In order to make this last major update as good as it can be, the developer is targeting 2021. That should give them enough time to finish the remaining pieces of the puzzle, at least on paper.

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When The Last Delicious Course does finally release later next year, Cuphead fans have a lot of things to look forward to. One of the most notable is a new character in Ms. Chalice. She will aid Cuphead and Mugman in their last adventure on a new island.

Also available will be new weapons, charms, and enemies. That should be a nice way to cap things off for an incredible run and gunner that has a loyal following, even in 2020.

The characters in this game up to this point have been great, but it will be a nice change in gameplay when players have the chance to use Ms. Chalice in action. Her special abilities should give players plenty to play around with as they get familiar with the new island, Inkwell Isle.

Just be ready. The bosses in this last update probably will be challenging. That’s par for the course for Cuphead, a title that requires careful observation and quick reflexes. Some portions of the game can be challenging, but it’s never to a point where you think the developer is being unfair.

That recipe should continue in this upcoming addition. Unfortunately, it won’t be available this year like many eager fans have hoped, but at least the developer has kept fans in the loop. And based on the things reportedly coming in this last update, the wait should be worth the prize at the end.

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Cupheadhas gone on to receive a lot of attention over the years and rightfully so. Its unique, retro graphics complimented with its challenging, yet fun design is a formula that many have loved. The Last Delicious Course is an excellent way to end development.