The Charming Adventure Game Spirit Of The North Just Released On The PS4

The Charming Adventure Game Spirit Of The North Just Released On The PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Any time a game features Nordic cultures and themes, it usually stands out right away. There’s just something so special about Norse mythology, which was on full display in the latest God of War. Although not as gruesome and action-packed as this game, Spirit of the North is a truly unique Nordic folklore-inspired title.

This action game by Infuse Studio released just a couple of days ago, and to celebrate, a launch trailer just came out on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. It features a beautiful tale about a red fox, who has the guardian of the Northern Lights as a companion. She’s a female fox that will come along with you on your journey through some beautiful environments.

The trailer shows so many magical landscapes that you’ll encounter on your journey to some great revelation. There’s an area filled with rocky mountains with a river flowing right down the middle. The amount of detail that has been put into this game is downright impressive.

We then see snowy landscapes with frozen rivers, which you can slide on for an absolutely fun experience. It’s as if you’re surfacing some mystical waves.

It then shows some of the puzzles you’ll be solving. The spirit accompanying you can shift ancient rocks featuring Norse symbols. Solving puzzles will grant you passage to the next stage. The spirit companion also gives the red fox some special abilities, such as the ability to soar farther. This skill will certainly come in handy when you’re trying to continue your journey over large gaps.

Spirit of the North has so much charm and personality, making it a must-have title for the PlayStation 4. This is particularly true if you like games with platforming action. However, you’re not just moving about stages. You get to go on an emotional journey seeing beautiful landscapes that are rarely matched by other games in this space.

It’s great that the developers gave you a unique companion. Otherwise, this game would feel quite lonely. The spirit will help you out in so many ways, giving you a whole new perspective on creating life-long bonds that lead to incredible moments.

Again, this adventure game is currently available on the PS4. It was revealed by the developers that a PC and Xbox One release are also on the way.

If you’re up for some breathtaking visuals, unique Norse mythology, and an unforgettable story, Spirit of the North is the game to play this year.