The Action-Adventure Game Bugsnax Will Be Out When The PS5 Launches

The Action-Adventure Game Bugsnax Will Be Out When The PS5 Launches
Credit: GameSpot Gameplay via YouTube

It’s almost time for the release of Sony’s next-gen console, the PS5. Thus far, the community has responded pretty positively to its designs and specs. Visually, the console is departing significantly from past designs. It’s what you want in a modern console though. It has refined lines and a futuristic profile.

In terms of performance, it seems poised to compete alongside the likes of the Xbox Series X. It’s the games that are winning over a lot of gamers already, though. Sony has announced a lot of great titles already. You can add Bugsnax to that list.

It was just announced that the game will be available on the PS5 when this next-gen console releases on November 12th. You can also pick it up on the PS4 or PC through the Epic Games Store if you don’t plan on getting a PS5, or at least not yet.

If you’re not aware of what Bugsnax is or how it will play, there are actually plenty of trailers you can check out that highlight gameplay, features, and other elements.

For those that don’t know, Bugsnax are hybrid creatures that consist of bugs and snacks. They live in a place called Snaktooth Island and were created by an explorer by the name of Elizabert Megafig. When you arrive to the island, she’s nowhere to be found. Her followers are also located all throughout the island and it will be up to you to piece this puzzle together.

Once on the island, you’ll go around collecting as many Bugsnax as you can. They’re mysterious creatures and you’ll do everything you can to learn more about them and their history. That looks like a particularly fun aspect of this game. You’ll go through different biomes and come across different varieties. Each one is unique and has a story behind it.

To catch these hybrid creatures, you’ll have to keep your wits about you. There are traps and baits that you can use to your advantage. If you can put yourself in the shoes of these creatures, that can lead to successful captures.

In addition to exploring and catching Bugsnax, this PS5 launch title also lets you collect all kinds of resources and items. Overall, Bugsnax looks like a very unique game with a lot of charm. It will be a great offering right out of the gate for the PS5. That’s key in this console doing well and getting gamers excited about the console’s future.