Death Come True Confirms Western Release Plus Multiple Language Support

Death Come True Confirms Western Release Plus Multiple Language Support
Credit: Death Come True Official Website

Kazutaka Kodaka has confirmed the worldwide release for his upcoming FMV game Death Come True. Kodaka has worked on the development of several games, including the popular Danganronpa series.

Death Come True is a brand-new story by the developer told through real-life actors with some CG used for UI that players control. The title is being developed by Too Kyo Games and published by Izanagi Games.

During the early development of the game, Kodoka expressed interest in releasing the game outside of Japan on multiple platforms and languages.

Kodaka has now made it official that Death Come True will see a worldwide release with subtitles in ten languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Latin American Spanish, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The game will also launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Death Come True tells the story of Makoto Karaki. He wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of how he ended up there. Karaki checks the local news, hosted by another character Kenichi Minou, to discover that he’s wanted for commiting a series of murders.

As Karaki explores the hotel, he discovers a mysterious concierge wandering around. Karaki will also meet an eccentric woman named Nene obsessed with serial murders and claims to be his biggest fan. There are two special investigators, Akane and Kuji, who have solved many cases and are now seeing the truth regarding Karaki.

The story is told completely through FMV. Players control the character’s actions by using a CG UI. Decisions made throughout the game will eventually lead to one of the multiple endings and story routes.

Karaki is trying to make it through the entire ordeal alive, but he can be killed. Once he dies, Karaki will awaken with all his memories intact. Players can try to complete certain scenes again and make different choices that Karaki will live through.

Players will get to examine rooms and make decisions that may have positive or negative outcomes. It’s up to gamers to decide how they want the story to play out.

Death Come True has become popular among fans of Japanese media. The cast is composed of popular actors and actresses. Karaki is portrayed by Kanata Hongo, who has previously appeared in the Danganropa stage shows and the real-life adaptations of the popular series Attack on Titan and Inuyashiki.

Death Come True will be released first on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on June 25. The PlayStation 4 and PC and release date are still pending.