A New 8-Bit Adventure RPG Titled Dragonborne Is Headed For Steam

A New 8-Bit Adventure RPG Titled Dragonborne Is Headed For Steam
Credit: Spacebot Interactive

From developer, Spacebot Interactive comes a unique game boy advanced themed RPG experience. Dragonborne is a unique 8-bit adventure that mixes a Game Boy aesthetic with an epic quest full of dragons. The game plays as a unique combination of era-mechanics, and it introduces players to a vast world full of opportunity.

The game holds around 10 hours of gameplay. This allows players to take on dozens of enemies, upgrade their gear, and enjoy detailed battle scenes and multiple endings. The game can also be acquired in a physical format through the developer’s website for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced.

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Dragonborne is a unique retro style adventure RPG full of puzzles, dungeons, enemies, and more. The game has 10 hours worth of content and a ranking system to help score players in their completion of the game. Scattered around the world are collectibles, mini-quests, multiple endings, and much more.

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This title originally released on Game Boy but it is a new game to the community. Players can travel through the region of Argon as they watch the adventure of Kris. This hero is in search of their father, Kurtis, the greatest dragon slayer in the region.

Players will get to participate in a turn-based battle system when taking on difficult to defeat foes. The game is also full of mini-quests and puzzles which offer a different style of challenge for players taking on this adventure.

This game contains both dragons and dungeons, and each dungeon is filled with multiple enemies. Players will need to harness their weapons and armor upgrades if they hope to defeat the boss at the end of each level.

Dragonborne is a great call back to a classic RPG era, but its mixing of themes make it an interesting experience for fans to deal with. There is so much going on at once, that the game will give fans a sense of nostalgia despite it being a completely new world.

Enjoy detailed battle scenes, multiple endings, and a retro feel that only Spacebot Interactive can accomplish.

This title is good for players of all ages as it contains a rather calm RPG experience compared to many modern titles. Fans should be careful when engaging this experience as there is a deep sense of lore buried under the action on the surface.

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Dragonborne is available on Steam and can be purchased for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced systems.