Everspace 2 Is A Fast-Paced Space Shooter And Simulator Coming Soon To Steam Early Access

Everspace 2 Is A Fast-Paced Space Shooter And Simulator Coming Soon To Steam Early Access
Credit: ROCKFISH via YouTube

Everspace 2 fills a gap this January, in what is a pretty slow month for games. The space looter shooter and rogue-lite received full Kickstarter funding last year and will be available in early access on Steam from January 18th.

Developed by ROCKFISH Games, Everspace 2 is the follow up to the 2017 game of the same name. After it’s mostly positive reviews on Steam, Everspace 2 is a complete sequel, carrying over many of the mechanics while also (hopefully) refining the gameplay. Here’s what we know so far.

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So what kind of game is Everspace 2? Well, it’s a direct sequel to its predecessor, which was a rogue-lite space simulator with RPG elements and lots of combat. There was a story that progressed in the background, but the premise of the game was to complete several different levels with an array of weaponry.

Everspace was well known for its intense dogfights and a good sense of progression. It was a rogue-lite in that many of your upgrades vanished between runs, but your ship kept its cosmetic look and some more key upgrades.

In addition, Everspace was also a good-looking game. It had good sound design, epic visuals, and a distinct sense of style. Plenty of thought had gone into the universe and its inhabitants, something I personally hope is built upon in Everspace 2.

It seems like ROCKFISH is going to focus more on the world of Everspace in the follow-up game. There are already more mentions of the single-player campaign mode in the marketing material and fans of the game are hoping that the glimpses seen in the original game are built upon here.

Likewise, the mechanics of the original game are going to be expanded. Sure, the same rogue-lite and space sim elements are there, but new additions include mining, crafting, and more in-depth exploration. You can trade for parts, manage your ships, and encounter strange characters.

Overall, ROCKFISH look like they’re trying to create a more complete and well-rounded space simulator, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of the key highlights of the previous game included its combat and visuals. If Everspace 2 takes those and runs with them, this game could be an early quiet hit for 2021.

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Everspace 2 is out in early access on Steam from January 18th. You can check out the official Steam page here.