Should You Do The New Bruno Fernandes Premier League POTM SBC In FIFA 21? Here We Go Again

Should You Do The New Bruno Fernandes Premier League POTM SBC In FIFA 21? Here We Go Again
Credit: EA Sports

Bruno Fernandes wins back-to-back Premier League POTM awards and gets another new SBC in FIFA 21. The stats on this card are unreal. However, the card is going to require 6 separate segments to complete the card.

That puts his price at about 1 million FIFA coins. That’s a lot of coins for an untradeable card. Keep in mind TOTY is just a few weeks away, as well. Those coins could come in handy. However, as I said, this card is pretty crazy.

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This Fernandes 92-rated card is a huge upgrade on his 91-rated Headliners live card, which is currently sitting at 1.8 million coins. That’s a tradeable card and Fernandes is likely to get upgrades with his good form (and Man Utd’s good form) at the moment.

Here’s a closer look at the stats thanks to FUTBIN:

Obviously, this card has impressive stats. Pace is solid at around 80 for both, shooting is unreal with 99 in long shots, shit power and penalties (of course), and huge stats for dribbling and passing. He also has 99 stamina.

This is basically already an end-game card, and it also suggests that his TOTY card is going to be pushing 99-rated. Really, 1 million coins is actually decent value for this card, but that still doesn’t mean you should rush to complete it.

People were keen on Fernandes’s 91-rated POTM and a month later there’s already a 92-rated version. With a player that is in such good form, it just doesn’t make sense to keep upgrading with untradeable versions.

If you’ve got that extra 800k you could look into investing in the live card. Although Manchester United’s next game is a tricky one (against champions Liverpool this weekend) Fernandes will still receive a few more upgrades this year.

Cards aren’t difficult to craft at the moment in FIFA 21 – there are lots of challenges and objectives that reward you with decent cards – and you can use some of the untradeables from your club to bring this card’s price down.

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Or, you could save that million coins and put it towards packs for TOTY or buying the upgraded version of Fernandes outright.

There’s no doubt this card is actually decent value, but you have to get your cynic hat on: EA has done this on purpose. TOTY is just around the corner. They want you to burn your clubs and your coins.