Should You Do The Anderson Talisca Rulebreakers SBC In FIFA 21? Brilliant Card, Hard To Link

Should You Do The Anderson Talisca Rulebreakers SBC In FIFA 21? Brilliant Card, Hard To Link
Credit: EA Sports

Anderson Talisca’s card is fantastic, with incredible shooting, dribbling, and pace, either as a central midfielder or as a forward. With a price tag of around 60-70k, the card isn’t crazy expensive. The only problem is that he plays for Guangzhou in the CSL, making him a little trickier to link.

Thankfully, Talisca is Brazilian, which makes him a little easier to put into a team if you build a Brazilian squad around him. With the next TOTW around the corner (which might feature an in-form Paulinho) and other decent Brazilian links, Taslisca is a pretty fun card to try out.

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Talisca isn’t exactly a meta card, but those stats don’t lie. With 4-star, 4-star skills, and weak foot, great well-rounded stats around the board, as well as decent physicals for a central/forward, he will feel pretty great in-game. He also has decent traits, including Flair, Finesse, and Outside the Foot Shot.

Here’s a look at Talisca’s stats thanks to FUTBIN.

This card has such a well-balanced set of stats that you could play Talisca almost anywhere on the pitch, although he works well as a central CAM or even as a striker. His shooting stats are very balanced, and his dribbling and pace help him fit into the fast-paced meta of FIFA 21.

With a Hunter chemistry style, Talisca becomes a very strong attacking player, whereas if you want to play him in the midfield an Engine is recommended to boost that passing and dribbling a little extra. With decent physicals, he’s much harder for players to knock off the ball as you dribble up the pitch.

How does the card feel in-game? Pretty good. Talisca’s shot-power is pretty nasty. His left-foot finesse shots also feel great. Thanks to his decent dribbling you can work your way into a decent position in the box and also out-muscle defenders with those physical stats.

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Overall, this Talisca card is a big win for EA, promoting off-league players and giving the opportunity for more squad variety going forwards into FUT 21. I made a promise to myself that I was going to do less untradeable player SBCs this year, but Talisca was too good to turn down.

I give this SBC, and the card itself, a 9/10. Decent value for money, a brilliant card, and a unique player that feels fun to use. If you can work him into your team he’s definitely recommended.