Star Citizen Will Be Free For A Week To Show Off A Recent Update; Features Five Vehicles And New Flight Model

Star Citizen Will Be Free For A Week To Show Off A Recent Update; Features Five Vehicles And New Flight Model
Credit: Blake Patterson via Flickr (license)

If you like space and you like flight, then you’re probably going to love Star Citizen. It’s an upcoming space trading and combat game that is currently in development for Windows by Cloud Imperium Games. To celebrate a recent update that was put out for the game, the developers are letting everyone experience Star Citizen for free.

This free flight week is providing all sorts of goodies. These include a new flight model, female character model, and ArcCorp. It’s an incredible mega city featuring neon lights all over. It should provide a fun environment to fly around in.

Speaking of flying, there will be a total of five vehicles to test out. Each features unique attributes that will change how you maneuver through the air. The available options include Drake Cutlass Black, Aegis Avenger Titan, MISC Prospector, Anvil Arrow, and Drake Dragonfly.

Each should provide a unique flying experience that you’ll be able to enjoy around ArcCorp for as long as you want. For a flight simulator, Star Citizen features pretty advanced controls. There are numerous mechanics you’ll probably want to work out before you go off and flying.

Fortunately, there are guides to help you troubleshoot any issues you may have — at least initially. After several attempts at flying a particular ship or space vehicle, you’ll start getting used to the controls. You’ll then be able to cruise around ArcCorp in grand fashion.

Another addition in this recent update is a more in-depth character customization model. It should make the game more personal and get you more attached to your character. Being able to play as a female character is also a nice touch. It shows the developers aren’t looking to exclude anyone from playing this appealing game.

To enjoy this free flight week, all you have to do is visit Star Citizen’s free flight trial sign-up page. You should be able to find a link directly on the game’s main page. If you’re interested to see what this game offers, this free flight week is great news. It should give you plenty of time to see what improvements have been made. All in all, Star Citizen looks like a fun time. It’s not the most user-friendly flight simulator by any means.

However, once you’ve played several sessions, the flight controls will start becoming second-nature. Star Citizen’s free flight trial will only last a week, so now may be the perfect time to experience all of these meaningful updates.