FIFA 21 Is Out Today And With The Release Come The First Ones To Watch Cards, Including Suarez, Werner And Ziyech

FIFA 21 Is Out Today And With The Release Come The First Ones To Watch Cards, Including Suarez, Werner And Ziyech
Credit: EA via YouTube

FIFA 21 is officially out today on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, although the game has been playable in early access/early release for most of the week. For those who ordered the standard edition of the game, or just wanted to buy the game on release day, it’s now available on webshops.

Alongside the release begins the Ones To Watch promo, a staple of early FIFA. These are a series of live cards based on player’s real-life performance throughout the season – they provide great investment potential and if you pick right your OTW could see one, two, or even three in-game upgrades throughout the life cycle of FIFA 21.

The first Ones to Watch promo team includes Suarez, Werner, Ziyech, Alex Telles, Partey, Bale, Odegaard, Allan, Hakimi, Osihmen, and Ake. These are all players who have made headline transfers to a new club or league. A second team will become available later in October.

These cards will be available in packs for a limited period of time, likely until the 16th of October. That gives players one week to earn as many packs/coins as they can to pick these players up before they go extinct in packs, which will cause the price of the cards to rise significantly.

This is what makes the Ones to Watch cards such great investment opportunities. A player like Allan, for example, has been playing well in recent Premier League matches. It might be worth picking up his card and waiting for one or two potential upgrades before selling the card on or using it yourself.

The principle is the same for most of the Ones to Watch cards – Werner and Suarez are likely going to be very expensive during this first week, but if one of them gets an injury or hits a period of bad form, their price will drop. There’s a level of risk and reward to these cards and they are always an exciting part of FIFA.

Both Higuain and Matuidi have moved to the MLS. Their cards will be up in a Player Vote later today. Considering Higuain’s good form in his last season of Serie A, this could be a great cheap investment when the SBC for these cards go live. Although MLS is hard to link, with Higuain’s all-round great stats (except his pace) his Argentinian links are still useful.