Bomber Crew Is Free Until January 16th On The Humble Store

Bomber Crew Is Free Until January 16th On The Humble Store
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Winter Sale is alive and well on the Humble Store. That means a lot of great discounts on a lot of great video games in the coming weeks. That also means a steady diet of freebies.

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Right now, you can find Bomber Crew completely free on the platform. It will remain so until this Saturday (January 16th). If you’ve been looking for a fun little real-time strategy game to get wrapped up in, it definitely has a lot to offer.

It debuted in 2017 to mostly positive reviews for its excellent management systems, much like what you can find in the beloved XCOMseries. You’ll have the chance to put together your own bomber crew, with their own procedurally generated names and skills.

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Your crew even has pretty fleshed out backstories, which gives them more depth and makes you care about how they fair up in the air. The fact that permadeath is enabled makes every decision count for something. You don’t want to send your flight warriors into the skies unprepared.

You’ll have a lot of systems to manage when your crew is up in the air, such as ammunition, fuel, and hydraulics. You’ll have to manipulate them just right if you wish to come out on top in the aerial battles with all kinds opponents.

The difficulty is further enhanced by the varying factors that could affect how your flights and battles take place. Sometimes, it’s the weather elements and then other times, it’s the type of planes that come at you from above. You’re constantly locked in the simulation action as you try to figure out what’s appropriate given the situation at hand.

In between each battle, you’ll spend a lot of time ironing out your crew. Which skills do you upgrade and what plane parts do you focus on? These are questions you’ll have to answer correctly on a consistent basis and that has been a very successful recipe for Bomber Crew since releasing a couple of years ago.

If you like real-time simulation games, then this title from Runner Duck is one heck of a deal you don’t want to pass up on the Humble Store. You still have a couple of days to make it yours for nothing.

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From the authentic management systems you’ll get to play around with to the action-packed combat, Bomber Crew will keep your attention each time you go into battle.