Bear And Breakfast Is A Peaceful Management Game Coming Next Year

Bear And Breakfast Is A Peaceful Management Game Coming Next Year
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Bears have been depicted in a lot of different ways both in movies and video games. You have the more aggressive variety as pictured in movies like The Edge and The Revenant. Then you have the more peaceful depiction, such as in The Care Bears Movie.

But what about bears that run their own bed and breakfast? That’s pretty much the concept of Bear and Breakfast by Gummy Cat, which was just teased in an official trailer. It’s a type of cozy management game where you’ll run a bed and breakfast establishment. Only instead of a human, you’re a bear.

Sounds like a particularly unique concept and judging by the visuals and themes, a quite peaceful one at that. Who hasn’t wanted to retreat for the weekend eating good food at a relaxing venue? You’ll get to provide these cozy experiences to customers, with your reputation on the line.

The game is coming in 2021. Based on an its official description, it seems like players will have a lot to do. The story is set around a bear named Hank who — with some friends — stumbles upon an abandoned shack. They quickly come up with the idea of turning it into a B & B in the woods. What could possibly go wrong?

What once starts out as an abandoned structure can quickly transform into a cozy sanctuary where guests all around the world travel to come see. As you grow your inn, you’ll have new upgrades to make. There are also so many ways you can customize your inn down to every room, whether it’s the decor or furniture.

In addition to running a successful B & B, Hank has the chance to interact with a wide variety of interesting characters. Some are simple and just peaceful to talk to and then others have huge revelations that will change everything you know about the wilderness.

You’ll discover hidden secrets and make friends that last a lifetime. All in a day’s work as they say. If you’re a fan of management games where every decision counts for something, then Bear & Breakfast is just the title for you.

It doesn’t have an exact release date at the moment, but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. Who knew running a bed and breakfast could be this exciting and filled with compelling storylines that bring you closer to characters? It looks like Hank is in store for a life-changing business venture.