Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Was Shown In A Brief Trailer, Set To Release In 2021

Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Was Shown In A Brief Trailer, Set To Release In 2021
Credit: Motion Twins via Youtube

The roguelite Dead Cells has been out since 2017, but in that time has only received one paid DLC. That’s about to change fortunately for fans of this stylish and somewhat challenging platformer.

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Fatal Falls is the second paid DLC that is set to release early next year. An announcement trailer was put out by the developer Motion Twin that shows a peak of the new content players will be able to check out if they pay for the DLC’s $4.99 price point.

The main attraction with Fatal Falls is two new mid-game biomes, which should give players new ways to go about their paths. There are new bosses waiting to be challenged as well for those looking to test their mettle.

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Not only that, but Fata Falls is adding more weapons and resources. More on them will be revealed when this second paid DLC gets closer to releasing next year. It seems like a pretty good package for Dead Cells players looking for additional ways to approach gameplay.

The Bad Seed had a lot of meaningful content to keep game development going, and based on everything shown in the trailer and descriptions, it looks like Fatal Falls will do much of the same.

It should continue to highlight the great elements Dead Cells has featured since launch, from the striking visuals to the addicting platforming action. It’s one of those games that doesn’t get enough attention, but clearly is a fan-favorite for many according to recent sales figures since launch.

There are so many layers to peel back with this platformer, even after spending hours and hours with it. You find new runs to utilize and new ways to approach combat. You always come back ready for novel gameplay, and that’s probably the reason Dead Cells has done so well up to this point.

If you haven’t thought about checking out Dead Cells, now is probably a great time. You can check out the base game and first DLC leading up to the latest DLC release, all while enjoying an ever-changing design. You may master one weapon or enemy type, but Motion Twin keeps the novelty going throughout every playthrough.

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Fatal Falls seems poised to keep the game’s momentum going strong heading into the new year, which is already shaping up to be pretty exciting in terms of new games and announcements. If you like Dead Cells, Fatal Falls is giving you even more to see and do.