SYNTHETIK: Ultimate Is Being Ported To Consoles Later This Month

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate Is Being Ported To Consoles Later This Month
Credit: SYNTHETIK: Ultimate

After initially releasing to the PC audience, the rogue-lite shooter SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is planning its final ultimate version for a console release. The game will be launching onto Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this month, giving console players a better look at this unique tactical shooter.

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is an unforgiving shooting experience that will mix player freedom with unit experimentation. Players fight to free the world from the Machine Legion and dive into an unparalleled variety of guns, builds, and character upgrades that make this title truly unique.

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SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is a difficult experience where players can enter into next level gun-play and upgrades. Enter the Heart of Armageddon as you fight for the freedom of all who dare stand against the Machine Legion.

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Players will enter an arena filled with relentless opponents, unforgiving bosses, and ever-evolving environments. Master the unique game mechanics as you slowly discover a never-ending amount of weapons, perks, upgrades, and more.

This title prides itself on its uniquely rewarding magazine eject, and active reload mechanics. All the guns are capable of jamming and overheating, which gives them a unique form of realism.

Slowly learn the recoil of each weapon and constantly switch between different ammo types as you experience a satisfying weapon handling experience. This is the first time that headshots have been brought to a top-down shooter, which only further the possibilities of these weapons.

Mixed among this title is an endless number of gear combinations that can make the player craft almost any build. Gadgets can be added to help define new play styles while items open up whole new tactical possibilities.

Level up through eight class specialization as you enjoy each unique loadout, benefits, perks, and more. Although your class unlocks do persist through death, players will lose all their gear on every encounter with the reaper.

Players can bring in a second player to enjoy an online co-op experience. This will open up new possibilities for players hoping to share the battle action and take on the evil military force.

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SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is planning to release on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo switch on December 16th. The core version of the game, SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising, is available on Steam right now for only $19.99. Players will enjoy this unique title that has so far been rated as overwhelming positive on Steam. Enter the Heart of Armageddon.