New Video From Humankind Shows How Players Can Create Their Spectacular Civilizations Or Staying Famous

New Video From Humankind Shows How Players Can Create Their Spectacular Civilizations Or Staying Famous
Credit: SEGA

Not all games available can bypass conventional experience for the player and enable the player to understand the very fabric of human nature and how civilizations were found and established through the gaming experience.

There’s one, Humankind, that hopes to bridge that gap with gaming and human civilizations. Besides, one of the crucial strategies of Sega and Amplitude Studios’ game, Humankind, is that players would be able to establish their distinct civilization by a mixture of different cultures.

While it was conceptual and exciting, the latest short video created by the studio does shed some light on how this impressive feat can be accomplished.

It goes like this:

There are six eras, at the beginning of each, ten different cultures to select from and start your civilization as a player. By choosing a new culture, players get access to certain traits and abilities or remain in the current culture for earing Fame bonus points.

Typically, fame is what players need to earn to achieve victory; basically, any worthwhile achievement – winning battles, building cities, etc. — gives its more meaning.

The video below explains more.

What makes Humankind different from other games in the same category—Civilization, and others— is the ability to combine multiple cultures and other feature-worthy concepts that no other game in this category is implementing.

Here’s a rundown of the features to expect:
• One million civilizations – Create your unique civilization by combining 60 different historical cultures from across the heritage of humanity. Begin as Ancient Egypt, then evolve into the Romans, the Khmers, or perhaps the Vikings. The choice is up to you. Each culture brings its particular gameplay layer, leading to near-endless outcomes.
• More than history, it’s your story – Face real historical events and figures, make great scientific discoveries, and visit the wonders of the world. Shape your people’s beliefs and confront other players. Every decision you make adds a flourish to your story.
• In the eyes of posterity – The journey matters more than the destination. Fame is a new and unifying victory condition. Every great deed you accomplish, every moral choice you make, every battle won will build your fame and leave a lasting impact on the world. The player with the most reputation will win the game.
• A tactical world – Show off your tactical skills by mastering terrain elevation, city-building, full tactical battles, and warfare. Choose the high ground for your city, and it will be harder to siege. Deploy your archers in the woods to avoid horse riders. Call upon your allies to help you in times of need and transform an epic battle into a full-scale multiplayer world war!

However, no exact official release has been announced yet, but we can look at Q4 in 2020. Also, it launches on PC!