Mixer Gives Handouts Of $100 To All Partnered Streamers To Help During CoronaVirus Pandemic

Mixer Gives Handouts Of $100 To All Partnered Streamers To Help During CoronaVirus Pandemic
Credit: Samuel Adams - Gaming and Tech News via Youtube

The streaming app Mixer has been the natural enemy and competitor of those folks over at Twitch for many decades. It is the place of the greatest power and the natural site of those we should distrust and hate and work against. If you understand anything about the power of class dynamics, then you will know this is exactly what the philosopher-kings warned us about for decades and years and all of the rest of it. I’m sure you’ve heard the script so many times by now that you already understand what is going on out here.

But if you think you know it then you should try to make yourself know it even more. How is this possible? Well, if you wish to know more then you will need to get out there and find the secret to the world. If you want to discover the reality, then you will need to embrace the reality of it all. Go forth and do the worst you can do to the enemies of the people. That is the motto of Mixer, and it is exactly why they are now making big, sweeping moves to protect the people who work for them. And this even includes going to war with the bourgeoisie.

Listen, if you wish to know more then please keep on reading, but be warned: Once you figure this stuff out, there is no going back. You cannot will yourself to forget the information that is going to be found ahead. It will only change the reality of the world, and perhaps not for the better.

So anyway, Mixer ended up giving $100 to all of its partnered streamers because, duh, if you haven’t really noticed people are leaking money everywhere as if they were the Titanic after it just met an iceberg or something. Nobody knows. If you know a better metaphor for this, then just imagine it in your own head.

So Microsoft has aligned itself as one of the forces for good, and they have taken a diametrically opposed position to the people who are attempting to run those other streaming services, which you may or may not know as the powerhouse known as Twitch.

Look: It doesn’t matter what you want or how you feel. You will need to choose sides in the upcoming battle, if you neglect to choose the right one, then you will end up having the time of your life. Good luck.