The Survival Management Game Symmetry Is Now Free On The GOG Platform

The Survival Management Game Symmetry Is Now Free On The GOG Platform
Credit: Skycaptin5lol via YouTube

Even though many around the world are stuck inside because of coronavirus self-quarantine measures, that has given rise to a lot of great gaming opportunities. Health organizations actually recommend playing video games for cognitive stimulation and social connectivity.

A lot of platforms are getting in on the action by offering free games. GOG is a platform that has been consistent in this regard. They’re at it again and this time it’s the survival management game Symmetry. The game won’t be available for free forever. In fact, you have until tomorrow to add it to your collection. If you choose to take GOG up on their free offering, you’re in store for an incredible ride of resource management and hostile threats.

Symmetry originally debuted in 2018 and upon release, it was met with positive reviews for its futuristic themes, a well-balanced design, and competent story-telling. You and a couple of crew members have just crashed onto an unfamiliar planet. You must repair the ship and get back home before mysterious threats that inhabitant this planet take everyone out.

The game is teaming with personality in the visual and music department. These elements definitely make the game more unsettling, as you do your best to keep your crew members alive. Not only are there hostile threats you have to stay vigilant of, but the cold climate is also something you have to brave. Needless to say, the cards are not stacked in your crew’s favor. You’ll have to band together and think quick with what survival actions you take.

There are all sorts of tasks you’ll have to manage while you’re stuck on this planet, including the simple acts of eating and sleeping. Some of your crew members will be pushed to their limits, and it will be up to you to help them develop appropriate skills. That’s where the fun really begins. It’s interesting to see what your crew members have to endure and how you can help them cope with their less than ideal situations.

The overarching goal you have from beginning to end is gathering parts for the wrecked ship. You’ll have to race against the clock, where every action counts for something. Symmetry is definitely one of the more unique survival games to come around in recent memory. Now, it can be yours for absolutely nothing. Just head on over to the GOG platform and click on the appropriate banner. That’s it.