Escape From Tarkov Teases New Map As An Entry To Labs With 40 Player Skirmishes

Escape From Tarkov Teases New Map As An Entry To Labs With 40 Player Skirmishes
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

If you haven’t dived into Escape from Tarkov just yet, one might consider that you simply are having too much of a good time.

Do you not hate yourself?

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It’s a heck of a title that offers a unique take on the battle royale genre which, some could argue, has become a stale rehashing where the only thing truly changing between the titles is the style of graphics presented to players. You hop from some aircraft onto an island and try to kill everyone else.

With Escape From Tarkov, however, it’s far more brutal. You simply need to escape, finding an exit from a few scattered across the map, and exfil with your hard-fought loot in tow, which you can then use in future raids unless you die and the items are stolen.

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It’s a quick and interesting title when you inevitably end up with next to nothing in your inventory, and you end up taking a pistol and nothing else in an attempt to survive once only to be shot down by literal tanks of armor and firepower walking across fields and forests with relative impunity as far as your low-caliber pew-pew stick is concerned.

Then things start to click, and you inevitably become one of the immune tanks in the game, and it’s arguably the most fun ever until you die from a crack-shot sniper across the map.

It’s this ebb and flow of gameplay where battles are fought with tension and concern because one bullet could very well be your last, and render all of your work forfeit.

So as Battlestate Games has been teasing players with the new incoming map, which promises to pit 40 players against each other (and holding the entrance to the Labs), people are more than a little excited. Sure, we’ll all die constantly, but that’s half the fun.

Multiple fully-furnished buildings mean that any darkened window could hold the rifle of an enemy ready to shut down the next person in the intersection, and the amount of loot alone is anticipated to rival that of other maps.

With 40 players all diving in simultaneously, the lead and tracers are bound to fly, only punctuated by explosions and cries of the fallen.

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There is nothing about the map that makes it look like a walk in the park, as anyone who has conducted urban warfare operations could easily attest to. Escape is never guaranteed, and as Streets looks to pit more veteran players against each other with regular consistency, it looks like it might be a long shot.