Orwell’s Animal Farm Unironically Releases On Steam As A Text-Based Adventure

Orwell’s Animal Farm Unironically Releases On Steam As A Text-Based Adventure
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It’s difficult not to delve into literary critique when we’re discussing a title that is stemming from a controversial title that attempts to paint everything aside from capitalism in as bad of a light as possible.

Animal Farm is difficult to work through as a book, even if you somehow manage to have an extremely limited sense of political understanding that the novel appears to desperately need. That didn’t stop it from becoming required reading, as dictated by the United States government, because everything aside from capitalism is inherently evil and, and this can not be emphasized enough, corrupt.

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Completely unlike capitalism, which is easily the bestest and most fairest foundation of society in the history of ever.

The novel is chock full of satirical references to many other nations and how they govern the people, attempting to ham-handedly point out that the best intentions can be misleading and dangerous to blindly follow.

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It’s heady reading, but it should be noted as stemming from George Orwell, of 1984; the points are far-fetched but exist, and it can occasionally come off as pretentious as Orwell had a knack for stretching prose as often as necessary to fully inscribe in his readers the ideas that he holds, much like Atlas Shrugged could turn into chapters of long-winded speeches.

If you’re one of the millions of US citizens that were forced to read Animal Farm in high school (while the idea of capitalism versus socialism versus communism was a fleeting thought that you couldn’t have been paid to care about) then you might actually be pleasantly surprised.

A developer by the name of Nerial has released Orwell’s Animal Farm onto Steam for the price of $10.

The title plays like a visual novel with a ‘choose your own adventure’ flair, and it helps break down the headier aspects of Animal Farm without feeling as though you’re being hand-fed U.S. propaganda, drawing out some of the more difficult scenes in Orwell’s novel that should allow for a more complete understanding.

Also, there’s a bit of resource management thrown in for good measure, where you get a shot at the animals taking Major’s dream of a society where all animals are equal (some more equal than others, of course) along with a smacking scrawl of the mantras that the farm lives under.

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This isn’t a title that you’re going to struggle to work through; there is no ‘hard mode’ or multiplayer. But it is one that can, perhaps, more easily explain Orwell’s own criticisms of totalitarian regimes.

Just remember: anything on two legs is the enemy. 1984 when?