Luciform Is Headed For Steam In 2021 Bringing A Dark Platforming Adventure to Fans

Luciform Is Headed For Steam In 2021 Bringing A Dark Platforming Adventure to Fans
Credit: Steam XO

Luciform is hopping its way towards a full release in the first quarter of r2021. Players will need an exceptional level of skill, dedication, and coordination to take on this challenging color-coded platformer. Based on the trailer alone, this title is going to be difficult for even the most veteran of platforming fans.

The game follows the story of Luci who is on an epic quest to save his multi-colored family from a Red-Eyed Gorilla. As each of your family members are only a single color, this makes it near impossible for them to chase the Red-Eyed Gorilla. So they have summoned you, the only being of their race who can also change color at will. Rescue your family and face the most dastardly of enemies.

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The game describes itself as a “precision platformer” and it demands fast reflexes, nerves of steel, and a bit of patience for players to navigate. Travel through a dangerous forest on a quest to save all of your people from the Red-Eyed Gorilla.

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Players will find that the gameplay of this title is similar to that of Super Meat Boy and Celeste. The fast-paced decisions, split-second consequences, and complex levels will all be featured in this strange adventure.

The game is constantly pushing so do note that players have no ability to slow down. Time each jump, plan every move, and traverse a forest of hazards at record speed.

The game does include straightforward and simple controls, but it will challenge anyone who takes on its trials with complicated maps and unexpected encounters.

From the screenshots on Steam the game is keeping with a rather simple design. Although it includes beautiful concept art and title art, the actual gameplay looks like an indie adventure. From the assets to the actual animations, this game will not win any awards for beauty but it may win for innovative challenges.

The title is planned to release soon, no official date has been given. As more comes out about this title, players will no doubt have a clearer image of what is and is not included. This title comes with a simple concept and may be a simple game, but it is still too early to judge it as of yet.

On the bright side, other than the challenging nature the game is fit for players of all ages. Be careful, as this will be a difficult journey but anyone who braves it is sure to have a good time jumping from platform to platform.

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Luciform has more information available across the web and on its dedicated Steam page. Explore screenshots, trailers, and more as this title shows off its unique style and design and challenges players to a more advanced platforming experience.