Professor Lupo: Ocean Is An Upcoming Challenging 2D Adventure Headed For Steam This October

Professor Lupo: Ocean Is An Upcoming Challenging 2D Adventure Headed For Steam This October
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into the land of Professor Lupo as you find a world filled with unique characters and deadly puzzles. This game blends hand-drawn characters on a 2D grid and mixes it with story-driven levels that will push players to explore the depths of their skill. Avoid aliens, and discover who you really are in this unique title.

This game comes from BeautiFun Games which is a unique indie studio that creates narrative based entertainment. They love to blend beautiful game worlds with deep stories to create entertainment that extends far past simple competition More specifically, they try and create games that last.

In Professor Lupo Ocean  you will explore unique 2D grid-based puzzles that rely on exploration. Trapped below the ocean, you must take on strange and alien monsters and use water to solve your many puzzle problems. Escape your fate and discover your true identity in this unique title.

This game builds on a previous title that follows the adventures of Professor Lupo. This game does prioritize water as its key elements and will challenge players to find their way off of the strange ship.

This game is the stand-alone sequel to Professor Lup and his Horrible Pets and is built to take players across 40 story levels. Each level comes with a unique plot elements and is filled with unique twists and turns. Find you who you are and more importantly why your on the bottom of the ocean.

This world is populated by strange creatures and alien monsters. These beasts can help and hinder progress depending on how you use them. Learn their behavior and decide whether to use them or avoid them while solving the games challenging puzzles.

Each level comes with a unique challenge, deadly puzzle, or mini-game experience. Flow the currents of water to your advantage as you explore the game looking for hidden documents across every level.

Enjoy the unique hand-drawn aesthetic is this title as everything has been beautifully realized from hand-drawn models. Mix this with the unique synth soundtrack and you will find an immersive experience at the bottom of the ocean.

This game is great for audiences of all ages and is mainly a puzzle experience. Think your way through each problem rather than relying on violence to be the key answer.

Professor Lupo: Ocean will release on Steam as of October 5th as a PC exclusive title. Be sure to catch this puzzle experience if your looking for a new unique challenge.