Motorsport Game Heavy Duty Challenge Drives Onto Steam In Late 2021

Motorsport Game Heavy Duty Challenge Drives Onto Steam In Late 2021
Credit: Heavy Duty Challenge via Steam

Publisher and developer Nano Games have announced its upcoming title Heavy Duty Challenge. The game is an extreme off-roading simulator featuring powerful trucks, challenging terrain, and a race to the top of the leaderboards.

Heavy Duty Challenge was inspired by the Europa Truck Trial Motorsport Championships, a real-life event that takes place across Europe. Professional truckers have competed for over 30 years to test their skills and attempt to win the championship title.

Heavy Duty Challenge will give players a realistic challenge similar to the Europa Truck Trial Motorsport Championships. The game is also licensed by Europa Truck Trial organizer.

The official Steam store page and trailer were recently launched. While the game won’t be out for a while, players can learn more about the title currently in development.

The game is still in development, so not much information is available yet. The developer has listed various features coming soon to the game.

Heavy Duty Challenge offers an authentic off-road driving experience. Players can drive 12 real tucks that exist in real-life, each featuring a unique cabin view. There’s an option to change from cabin view and TPP with five extra camera angles. Players can also customize their vehicles to personalize their trucking experience. For those who want a more realistic experience, gamepads and steering wheels are supported.

Players will get to drive around five real locations that were recreated from the Europa Truck Trial Motorsport Championships. All of the graphics are lifelike and have realistic sound effects to make players feel like they’re really driving off-road but through the safety of their screens.

Since the game does promote “challenge” in the title, there are competitive features. Players can compete to rank on the leaderboards or take part in various challenges.

The Steam page and official website have samples of gameplay and trucks that will appear in the title. Since development is still on-going, this may change as new features are added. Players can stay turned to the development of the game by following it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There is also a newsletter sign-up available for those who find email easier to catch up on new titles and the development of highly anticipated games.

Heavy Duty Challenge is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam in Q4 2021. Players can add the game to their wishlists now to be notified of when the game launches.