MechWarrior 5’s First DLC Has Been Pushed Back Due To Work-From-Home Restrictions

MechWarrior 5’s First DLC Has Been Pushed Back Due To Work-From-Home Restrictions
Credit: GamersPrey via YouTube

MechWarrior 5’s first DLC was originally supposed to release in April. Unfortunately, some obstacles got in the way for the developer Piranha Games and they moved the target release date to June. However, given that the coronavirus has impacted the world on a global scale since early March, the developer is moving the release date back again.

Now, the first DLC titled Heroes of the Inner Sphere isn’t coming out until later in the year. That’s to be expected as many developers are having to drastically change the way they operate. Piranha Games has apologized for the inconvenience as they know how many loyal fans were eagerly awaiting the new content.

They cited work from home restrictions as being the main culprit for this delay. They’re having to work from home and evolve with their altered resources. This new world that we now find ourselves in isn’t going to keep Piranha Games from working on this highly anticipated DLC, though. They’re still committed to releasing it this year.

There are some positives to take from the delay as well. Now that the developer has more time to spend ironing out the last remaining details, they plan on adding more content. Thus, Heroes of the Inner Sphere will be an even better experience on paper.

Most notably, there will be new job specializations that players can choose from in the all-new career mode. Whichever job specialization you choose, you’ll be able to unlock career path rewards. Some of them are pretty noteworthy like blueprints. They’ll definitely be needed if you want to do some tweaking with whatever mech you’ve selected for battle.

That’s not all; the extra time because the coronavirus is letting the developer add more warzones to the Inner Sphere Map. That just means more open-world exploration that players will have to look forward to. As you can see, it’s not always doom and gloom right now in the gaming community.

Sure, fans of MechWarrior 5 will have to wait more time until this first DLC comes out — but at least there will be more content. And the developer has even more time to refine problems that may have been present if this DLC released in June as originally planned.

If you’re a MechWarrior 5, this additional content definitely seems worth the wait. It’s looking like an incredible value that should give you even more great experiences to look forward to.