The Turn-Based Tactics Game XCOM 2 Is Free To Play On Steam Until April 30

The Turn-Based Tactics Game XCOM 2 Is Free To Play On Steam Until April 30
Credit: XCOM vohich via YouTube

The XCOM series is back in full swing with the spin-off XCOM: Chimera Squad. It hasn’t been out for very long, but it’s already garnering a lot of positive reviews for its tactical design and unique characters. Firaxis Games have done a great job at changing up some of the features and continuing to progress this beloved series.

If you have yet to pick up Chimera Squad and want to get a sense of how it plays, then you’re in luck. XCOM 2 is being offered for free on Steam all the way until April 30th. Considering this is one of the most beloved installments in the series, this free-play window is huge news.  You’ll have the chance to see how the turn-based combat works and get a little more familiar with this series’ lore.

This time, Earth has been overtaken by aliens and it will be up to you to rebuild XCOM and lead a resistance. There’s a lot at stake so you’ll need to come prepared for some epic battles. The soldier classes have never been better. There are a total of five different classes you’ll be able to recruit throughout your journey in this game, with each one having a distinct set of skills.

You’ll be able to level them up with every victorious battle and choose what skills you want upgraded. The custom options are pretty varied so that will keep you busy for hours. You’re also given access to an alien supply craft called the Avenger. This is where you’ll be configuring rooms on board as to give XCOM a tactical advantage in battle. The space craft even lets you enjoy open-ended gameplay, which has definitely been a shining feature fans have loved since this game launched back in 2016.

What’s also great about XCOM 2 is the mission diversity. Every challenge you accept is different and lets you enjoy a wide variety of characters and environments. There is thus plenty of content to dive head-first into until April 30.

It’s great that this free-play window is being offered for such an incredible, award-winning strategy game like XCOM 2. You can see what you’ve been missing out on and if you like what you see, XCOM 2 is now really affordable on Steam. Checking this game out is also the perfect opportunity to see if Chimera Squad is your cup of tea. You have a couple of more days to enjoy this free turn-based content.