The Helicopter Simulator Comanche Will Be Offering A Free Open Multiplayer Beta This Weekend

The Helicopter Simulator Comanche Will Be Offering A Free Open Multiplayer Beta This Weekend
Credit: MrRedRivers via YouTube

If you grew up playing video games around the 90’s, you probably remember the Comanche helicopter simulation games. They were beloved at the time for their visuals, authentic controls, and of course, intense aerial combat. It has been quite a while since the last Comanche debuted, but thankfully, that drought is about to end.

Comanche is scheduled to launch sometime in March, but before it does, Steam is having a free open multiplayer beta this weekend. Thus, if you’re a die-hard fan or want to see what all of the fuss is about, this is your time to shine in the sky. You’ll have the chance to see the upgraded visuals and mechanics for yourself, as well as give the developer NUKKLEAR a little feedback so that they can make improvements going forward.

Looking at the game’s description on Steam, Comanche is already shaping up to be a thrilling experience. You’ll get to compete with other Comanche players across the world. The dog-fighting action sounds like a dream if you’re a bit competitive when it comes to online multiplayer titles. The action should be intense as you figure out ways to get the upper hand on other helicopter pilots.

Like a lot of the other Comanche games, there will be various helicopters and drones you’ll have the pleasure of testing out. Each one has different attributes, whether it’s varying speeds or a particular set of weapons. That’s where the fun will really kick in for Comanche. You’ll get to discover your particular flight style and master various strategies. Do you go for the kill with a head-first attack or do you sit back and take a more stealth-based approach? That’s what Comanche lets you discover in time.

It’s also great to see that there will be different multiplier modes according to the Steam page description. That should give players plenty of fresh experiences to enjoy time and time again. The two listed thus far are Infiltration and Blackbox. The first is a 4×4 attacker verses defender objective-based mode, while Blackbox is pretty much Team Deathmatch. You’ll compete with a team to get the most takedowns before time expires.

Once Comanche officially launches next month, you can bet more multiplayer modes will be rolled out by the developer. Until then, this open multiplayer beta seems like the perfect opportunity to see what potential Comanche has. Just make sure you come in ready for a fight.