Escape From Tarkov Is Pleased To Announce Their Most Recent Update: Patch

Escape From Tarkov Is Pleased To Announce Their Most Recent Update: Patch
Credit: Battlestate via YoutTube

Revolutionary hardcore PvE/PvP online tactical shooter Escape from Tarkov is integrating a ton of new features and bug fixes in the latest 0.12 update. They took the source code to a recent version of Unity (2018.4) that helped accommodate the more sophisticated animation, network balancing, graphical improvements that players will notice upon launching the game.

One of the issues that players complained about was its poor net code, but this version patches old bugs. So, players should expect a significant boost in 0.12. Escape from Tarkov is less tolerant than practically any multiplayer shooter on the market. Players have a myriad of inventory they can use to gear up before missions, but being killed in a particular mission means a loss of whatever equipment taken to the mission.

With the recent updates, they are newly added Hideout locations that are open for the community. It offers injured combatants a brief moment where they can hibernate or recuperate from the bloodshed and also to manage their inventories and improve on their shooting skills.

Another safe area being introduced in a 0.12 patch is the form of Reserve, a secluded military base filled with fatal AI enemies with state-of-the-art weaponry and dangerous traps. The terrain here is tough, but with high risk comes with high reward for the best of players.

Fight Scene from Trailer of Escape From Tarkov

Another major update for in-game traders is the new competitor, Jaeger. This merchant does not deal in currency, but he offers special items at a low discount for players who finish his quests. Also, existing traders can offer a collection of quests and some redesign.

Short Preview of Live Tarkov Gameplay
A story-driven game built-in multiplayer game modes. Players have complete raids on large scale location with friends alone. All the unique cities can be explored starting from Tarkov city and its suburbs: chemical plant area, citizen blocks, the heart of Tarkov city, AA military base, private living zone, weather, and time of day changes.
Also, players can team up with ex-enemies by changing their objectives to uncover the mysteries and escape from Tarkov alive.

What other new features to expect?
On top of all, the above adjustments are the following changes players can expect in the first 0.12 update:
• All body armor contains plate carriers
• Several keys come with specific uses; once its use ends, it gets removed.
• Unredeemed items are marked as out of stock
• Conversations can now be deleted in the chat
• AVS now comes with vest
• Did an overhaul change on loot tables of containers
• Enhanced the font’s readability for a better view.
• Adjusted the sound to be quieter while stationery
• Added more chances of fracture and damage when falling from heights.
• And other minor changes.
• A new set of characters now added. Players now have new bosses; Shturman, and Glukhar

Besides, Escape from Tarkov 0.12 update would be coming to PC soon. So be on the lookout!