Kine Brings Story And Puzzles Into A Musical Mix That Tells The Story Of A Musician’s Struggle

Kine Brings Story And Puzzles Into A Musical Mix That Tells The Story Of A Musician’s Struggle
Credit: GwenFreyTheTA Via Youtube

Kine slipped under the spotlight and quickly is making headlines for its unique puzzles and deep story. The world is a theatrical dreamscape mixed with a variety of 3D puzzles that get harder every round. You have to guide Euler, Quat, and Roo through these mazes as you help them form a band and find their big break.

This game is about music, challenges, and quirky yellow robots. This game is continuing to gain traction due to its unique twist on the puzzle genre. Although a puzzle game, the story drives it forward, and the music ties this piece together as a magical experience under a clear night sky.

Simply put, this game is about moving a block through a maze to hit a specific point. The block moves only one space at a time by flipping horizontally or rotating sideways. This is a standard puzzle that was often found in indie games back in the early 2010s. What makes this game different is the story tied to the moving block.

The story starts with an accordion that expands to help you navigate the maze. If you maneuver the accordion face up then expand it, you can transverse block gaps and simply fall past them. Do not fall over the edge as you will have to restart the level. Thankfully the levels change enough over time that you won’t find too many repetitive puzzles.

Each instrument has this kind of minor mechanic that makes it easier to bypass their level. As a puzzle game introducing these new features makes sense. The game does a good job explaining the instructions as it walks you through tutorial levels.

There is a surprising amount of depth to each of these robots. Slowly the journey continues as you bring the instrument robots together. The game implements a undo and redo system that let spaces rewind their steps and retrace what they have done.

The trailer gives a good feeling of the game with good music and fast movements. There is a strong feeling of excitement, with each character being masterfully exhibited. There is a happy, friendly, exciting feel to the entire trailer giving a welcoming aspect to the puzzle game.

This is easy to get into puzzle game, and it is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam. You can also purchase a copy through the Epic Games Store if you want to go that way. So if you like quirky yellow robots, music, and puzzles, this may be the game for you.