EA Servers Down Across Multiple Titles, Including Apex Legends, Battlefront And FIFA 21

EA Servers Down Across Multiple Titles, Including Apex Legends, Battlefront And FIFA 21
Credit: EA Sports via YouTube

The EA servers are down, again. This time it’s not just FIFA, but across multiple titles, including Apex Legends and the Battlefront games. There’s no official word yet from EA.

You just need to head to Twitter to see how many people are facing the problem, as well as checking the EA server tracker online. Usually, EA is responsive when this happens, but the EA help Twitter is silent for now.

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EA servers went down last month several times during brand new FIFA promotions and the same can be said for this time around. Right in the middle of its Black Friday flash SBCs (which have a time-limit, by the way), the servers are down again.

Servers are down across all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. You can’t even play Apex Legends through Steam because the game is hosted on the original Origin servers.

You also can’t load up FIFA 21 on Origin to play the offline career mode. Origin is completely down, which means you can’t even log-in right now.

This is also a global problem with reports coming in from across the UK and the United States, as well as elsewhere in the world. You can follow the updates on EA’s official Twitter Help page.

It’s unusual for so many people to be affected by an EA server outage at the same time, which suggests this is a pretty big problem. Although EA is usually responsive, they’re not as open as to why the servers crash so regularly.

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Previously the servers were down for a good few hours. FIFA players keen to get involved with the new Rule Breakers promotion quickly labeled the new promo cards “Server Breakers” for their supposed role in crashing the servers.

The official EA website also features no notice of the server outage, and there is no word on the company’s official channels. It seems like players will have to wait- again, for further updates.

Once again, the sentiment in the community is the same – a multi-billion dollar company can’t even keep its servers running.