Action Combat Flight Game Project Wingman Launches Tomorrow

Action Combat Flight Game Project Wingman Launches Tomorrow
Credit: Humble Games via YouTube

Humble Games has announced the official release date for Project Wingman in a new trailer. The game will launch on PC on both the Humble Store and on Steam in early December.

Developed by Sector D2, Project Wingman is a single-player combat flight action game. The game isn’t a simulator title but a challenging, fast-paced action game in the skies. The game contains many scenarios, such as dogfights, strikes, and flying through combat zones based on an alternate history of Earth.

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Players will fly through regions such as the cold waters of the Bering Strait, Yellowstone magma fields, or through the Redwood forests. The skies contain 3D volumetric clouds that were rendered with TrueSKY, making them more realistic. There are other dangerous locations, like the oceans in the Pacific Northwest, across the scarred lands to fight in battles “way above your pay grade.”

Pilots will have to navigate through many types of exotic weaponry in the sky and on the ground. They include railguns and geothermal-powered armaments. Fortunately, pilots can equip their planes with powerful weapons as well. Weapons include battling guns, rocket launches, a long-range interceptor, or sniper-like missiles.

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However, having all the weapons in the world won’t matter if the pilot doesn’t learn how to use them properly. In total, there are 20 different aircrafts and 40 unique weapons to choose from.

Project Wingman contains multiple modes, as well. In Conquest Mode, players will fight against various bosses and ace squadrons as they try to capture territory. The mode draws elements from Roguelites and RPGs.

Winning these battles are essential, as players will earn money to purchase new aircrafts and build a mercenary army. The opponents will only become more difficult as the game progressed with enemies like giant mechanized fortresses and equipped with railgun cannons.

The game also contains VR support, plus fully re-bindable controls and HOTAS compatibility with DirectInput support. There are many ways to get the full experience from Project Wingman.

The VR experience will place players in the cockpit of their aircraft for full immersion. Combined with HOTAS peripherals and custom axis curves, players can experience the game however they want.

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Project Wingman launches on PC via the Humble Store and Steam on December 1.