Project Wingman Has Released New Details On Its Crazy Aerial Experience

Project Wingman Has Released New Details On Its Crazy Aerial Experience
Credit: Sector D2

Project Wingman has some new information after an update was released on the game’s Kickstarter page. This title comes from Sector D2 and it is an upcoming air combat game that claims to keep a higher level of realism. The new information reveals upcoming data on the VR game mode which is intended to launch on Steam VR and Oculus.

This title hopes to place players in a unique position and perspective and make them the pilots of dangerously fast machines. Test your piloting skills and enjoy the skies in a VR experience. As a concept for a VR game, this is definitely one of the better ones.

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This is a virtual reality experience in which players will be able to sit in a recreation of a true jet. This is the most authentic experience players can have when it comes to VR support of a digital aircraft.

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The game also reportedly has HOTAS support. As long as the player’s Windows 10 reads it from DirectInput they can bring it to whatever control scheme they want. Racing wheels, guitars, drums, it is really up to the players to decide what they want to play this game with.

Do be warned, VR gameplay will require some higher-end computer tech. Players will need to prepare for the performance gap before attempting the VR version. The developers recommend an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor or better, 16GB DDR4 ram minimum, and a GTX 1070 GPU minimum.

For a VR system to function, well players will need to be sure that they have a beefier computer for that crystal clear quality. While the game is capable of it, it does not mean that the computers can handle everything the developers designed.

The game has a Conquest mode which gives players a rather roguelike experience. Players can enter into runs where they must clear the map of enemies that are randomized. They must do this while completing objectives and facing off against bosses.

Players should note that the enemy will continue to send reinforcements defined by the alert level. The higher the alert, more dangerous the enemy will be so players should be careful while navigating each level.

This is a great game for anyone in both VR and non-Vr situations. Enjoy the unique graphics and the optimal aerial support.

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Project Wingman is available on Steam as of December 1rst.