Forge And Fight Leaves Early Access For Full Launch On December 2

Forge And Fight Leaves Early Access For Full Launch On December 2
Credit: Forge and Fight! Website

Flamebait Games has announced the official launch date of Forge and Fight! in early December. The game has been in Early Access since earlier this year.

Forge and Fight! is a multiplayer action game where players become a blacksmith gladiator. Players must create the craziest but dangerous weapons in their forge, and then test their skills in the area. Additional weapon parts are unlocked as players progress through the game. From there, blacksmiths fight in a freestyle arena against friends or other online opponents.

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The game features hours of replayability online or in the open-ended Sandbox Mode. Players have 50 weapon parts to choose from to craft the weapon of their dream. Armies of bots are waiting to challenge players in the arena.

The full launch of Forge and Fight! has an updated matchmaking system that significantly reduces wait time to almost no wait at all.

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Multiplayer mode has both melee and ranged combat. Players can strategize and use the power of physics to knock opponents off the map or hit objects in their way. Players can further unlock big bonuses like boomerangs, whirlwinds, and dash by forging similar parts together. Some of the bigger boosts like greater damage and health boosters will give blacksmiths an advantage in battle.

The blacksmith characters are also customizable with optional cosmetic accessories. Players can either earn new accessories by playing or supporting the developers by buying items through the Scrap Shop.

Mattias Lindblad, Founder of Flamebait Games, commented about the upcoming launch, stating:

We have listened to player feedback in Early Access and are now proud to release this final version of Forge and Fight! with improved performance, stability and physics, and a matchmaking system that instantly has you testing your unique weapon creations in battle. We’ve also significantly dropped the price to make the game more accessible to everyone who wants to play during this unprecedented year that has seen a lot more people spending more time indoors, including this winter.

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The full launch of the game will be less expensive than the Early Access version. Players can refund their game through Steam and then repurchase the final game to receive the newly lowered price. If that doesn’t work, buyers are encouraged to contact Flamebait Games for additional assistance.

Forge and Fight! leaves Steam Early Access on December 2.