PrizeFighters 2 Launches This December With Android Early Access Available Now

PrizeFighters 2 Launches This December With Android Early Access Available Now
Credit: Koality Game via YouTube

Koality Games has announced the sequel to its retro boxing gamePrizeFighters. PrizeFighters 2 was announced in a new trailer showcasing some of the action and updates. The game is currently available for free in Early Access right now on the Play Store.

PrizeFighters 2 expands upon the original game with a more comprehensive control screen. Players will now have ten separate on-screen buttons for movement, attacking, and defense. The sequel adds in the ability to move boxes around the screen instead of staying in one place. The developer has also announced plans to add in an option to choose controls from the previous game.

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Players can take part in a “Career Mode” where players start at the very bottom and work hard to reach the very top to become champion. The game offers 20 boxers to choose from, which is quite a large roster at launch.

The game has two options for players. The free-to-play mode contains ads but offers the base experience for those who want in on the boxing fun. The premium version comes at a cost but unlocks more features. This version has no ads, multiple save slots, the ability to import or export custom leagues, and more customization options.

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If players want to jump in without a story, the game also contains a “Quick Fight” mode. This mode also adds an advance settings button.

PrizeFighters 2 offers several customization options. The full selection is only available to Premium Version owners, but free owners will have access to some options. They include ring customizations, hair and facial hairstyles, and more.

Custom options for fights include a Hard difficulty option, fighting style attribution caps, separate tendencies for first and second halves of a fight, control setting to change placement to block depending on a player’s dominant hand, and more.

The developer continues to update the game with new content, including balance changes and bug fixes.

Android players can jump in and try out the game in Early Access now. There are no extra forms to fill out, and is a free download directly from the Play Store. Players should be aware that the game may go through many more changes before its final launch next month.

Those who want to follow the development of the game can follow Koality Game on Twitter or join its official Discord server.

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The official launch of PrizeFighters 2 is planned for sometime this December.