Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm And Exercise Demo Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm And Exercise Demo Now Available On Nintendo Switch
Credit: Fitness Boxing 2 via Nintendo

Imagineer has released a free demo on the Nintendo Switch for Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise ahead of its launch next month. The demo allows players to test out the mechanics of the game but requires a set of Joy-Cons to play.

The free demo includes three Daily Workouts, ten Free Training Exercises, access to all trainers, and a sample of some of the songs. Players will also get to try out some of the moves and unlock more.

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The demo is similar to the first game, but now players can choose from all nine instructors to find the best match. Unfortunately, demo players can’t access the instructions for all the moves. The instructors do a good job at explaining each move, and at the beginning of the demo, there is a two minute tutorial on how to perform jabs, strikes, and a beginner’s combo.

If players decide to buy the full version of the game, the data is transferrable. All data from the demo can be transferred over along with data from the first game so that no progress is lost.

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Fitness Boxing 2 included two new instructors and brought back the original seven from the first game. Players can choose their favorite and earn various achievements to earn tickets. From there, players can purchase clothing items to “give back” to their favorite trainers.

Trainers give detailed feedback based on in-game results and encourage players to try harder. However, the game only tracks movements from the upper body, even though it encourages players to get on their feet.

All workouts are customizable with various challenge levels. Players can either have the trainer prepare the best workout or create one from scratch in Free Training mode.

While players can train alone, there is a local co-op mode. Players simply pass a Joy-Con to a friend or family member to start playing.

Fitness Boxing 2 offers several new songs as well. They include current hits such as “Beauty And A Beat” by Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj but also classics like “Y.M.C.A.” by Village People. The songs are background music tracks and don’t have audio, so players can pay careful attention to their trainer’s instructions.

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Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise launches on December 4 as a digital download or physical release.