Metal Gear Solid Remake Has Reportedly Been In Development For Three Years At Bluepoint Games

Metal Gear Solid Remake Has Reportedly Been In Development For Three Years At Bluepoint Games
Credit: ToughRecoil via YouTube

It looks like a Metal Gear Solid remake has been in development at Bluepoint Games, the developers behind the Demon’s Souls remake, for three years, and that it’s currently scheduled to be released towards the end of next year.

According to the YouTube channel, Moore’s Law is Dead, which has accurately leaked things like the God of War sequel — Ragnarok — is saying that, according to their sources, Bluepoint Games has been working on the Metal Gear Solid remake simultaneously with Demon’s Souls. In fact, the channel is saying that it could’ve been a launch game, but the developers want to take more time to polish it.

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“Also [Metal Gear Solid] remake… This where I say that I’ve known about a Metal Gear Solid remake for a while. I’ve been very openly hinting at it, but I couldn’t confirm it. So, MGS remake, I’m confirming it, and I’m told it’s made by Bluepoint. In fact, I’ve been told that they’ve been working on this for three years, that they were working on this simultaneously with Demon’s Souls.

“I always was told that Sony was working on some [PlayStation 5] exclusive, I just didn’t know what it was. I had other sources tell me it was MGS, I was told I couldn’t say MGS, but now I can because I have another source saying it.”

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It’s also being reported that the game will use Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s control scheme, instead of using the original control scheme from the game’s original release in 1998.

As of this writing, it’s unclear if they’re going to add any additional content to the game, or if they’ll reuse the same dialogue recordings from the original game.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard anything regarding a Metal Gear Solid remake, as, over the summer, there were multiple reports which suggested that MGS’s first game was going to get remade, but it was never mentioned that it had been in development for three years. The report also suggested that the second, third, and fourth games will all get remastered following the MGS1 remake.

It’s worth noting that the Metal Gear Solid remake rumor is just that — a rumor. It’s also worth noting that the rumors are suggesting that it’ll be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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If there is, in fact, a Metal Gear Solid remake that’s in development, then we could see its first trailer at the upcoming Game Awards show on December 10.