Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Is Launching August 13th Exclusively On The Epic Games Store For PC Users

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Is Launching August 13th Exclusively On The Epic Games Store For PC Users
Credit: Double Damage Games

Double Damage Games has announced the long-awaited release of their title Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. The game will be released on multiple consoles, but on PC it will be exclusively available from the Epic Game Store. The game is a prequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy placing players in the cockpit as Juno Markev who is an outlaw and a smuggler.

As with every good space western, something goes bad, and your entire ship is trashed. You find yourself in the dept of a shady casino owner who fives you rustbucket along with some words of advice to guide you on future endeavors. As you are a space smuggler and criminal, you do your best to discard the good information found within the tavern walls.

The game includes a full single-player story campaign with plenty of room to make the adventure your own. Whether you are interested in making money or mayhem, the game is full of lowlifes, cops, pirates, blue-collar folk and other NPCs for you to harass at your discretion. Your behavior is your own in this colorful alien world, and the consequences come eventually as they do in any good game.

A unique auto pursuit feature has been added to help make space combat more accessible. This feature makes you able to stand against any opponent whether your skill level is novice or veteran. As space combat continues to evolve, it is sure to have more details and impact than is currently found in this title.

A vast array of weapons, armor, and gear has been added along with custom paint jobs for your ship. The galaxy is yours to battle against in this game as you personalize and push for an overarching goal of galactic peace.

The NPCs and story structure let you befriend and meet an array of sketchy characters. You can call them in to assist when needed and join the huge community before flinging yourself into the final frontier alone. Multiplayer is an important part of the game as it adds a lot of end game content to the ever-growing galaxy.

The game contains seven different radio stations with over 21 hours of DJs and fictional commercials. As you continue to explore the galaxy at large, the game does its best to immerse you into the music and via that the overall culture of the game itself.

The game will be released on August 13th, 2019 on the Epic Game Store for $29.99 and will have later releases on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Although there are currently no plans for an Xbox release fans, remain hopeful that it will eventually release onto their platform.