Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Is Out Now On The PS4

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Is Out Now On The PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a space-western trading and combat game that came out in August of last year. It’s the prequel to Rebel Galaxy and was developed by Double Damage Games.

It was been an Epic Games Exclusive since launch, but it’s now available on the PS4. Thus, a new audience gets to experience its seemingly limitless assortment of space missions and trading opportunities.

Players will spend a majority of their time completing missions to earn money, which can be used to unlock better weapons, ships, and equipment. The progression gives you plenty to stay busy with. You’re constantly looking for the next best thing.

As far as the combat, it’s much more dynamic compared to the original Rebel Galaxy. More specifically, players in this installment have the ability to move freely in space as opposed to just staying on a two-dimensional plane. The design change instantly makes flight and space combat a more immersive and memorable experience.

In terms of the combat, it does a good job at being approachable and keeping players invested in every battle. There’s even an assistive feature for lower-ranked ships that enable players to automatically pursue targets.

When you’re not going at it with other ships and completing quests, you can engage in some high-stakes trading. That seems like the fastest route to get items of substance. You can trade up until you find something worth your while.

There are also mini-games in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, which are a nice way to pass the time when you’re not going out on missions or exploring the never-ending openness of the galaxy. There are some pretty good options too including pool and slots.

You can do a little bit of gambling to earn some quick cash that you can then turnaround and spend on better gear. Or, you can just enjoy yourself with others across the galaxy also looking to just unwind.

Is Rebel Galaxy Outlaw the perfect space trading and combat game? Probably not, but it does offer a lot out of the gate and it’s pretty easy to pick up. New gamers to this genre don’t have to worry about intimidating mechanics or progressions systems. Rather, the focus on this game is having fun and staying busy going from one mission to the next.

Now that it’s available on the PS4, console owners can see its trading and combat mechanics for themselves. And to celebrate, there’s an official trailer showing what PS4 console owners have to look forward to.