Double Damage Games’ Travis Baldree Is Back With A Three-Hour Stream Of Space Mischief In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Double Damage Games’ Travis Baldree Is Back With A Three-Hour Stream Of Space Mischief In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
Credit: RebelGalaxy via YouTube

Last year, Double Damage Games announced the prequel for Rebel Galaxy, their Western-themed space simulation game released back in 2015.

The prequel is called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, and it will be set for release sometime this year. A gameplay walkthrough of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’s features was already shown last year with Travis Baldree narrating the whole thing.

So much time has already passed, and most might have been looking for some updates for the upcoming game. Well, here is Travis Baldree in a three-hour Dev live stream event that recently took place on Twitch.

He’s back to provide answers to some questions and show off another beefy chunk of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

New things which haven’t been shown in the previous walkthrough are featured in Baldree’s live stream. Additionally, some of the features shown before are given an extended and in-depth look.

Before starting the game, Baldree goes into details and shows of the game’s difficulty settings or playstyle. Players can choose from a casual, standard, sim, or old school, depending on how they want to play the game.

The sim mode offers more involved combat where players are locked in cockpit view and aim assistance is disabled. The old school mode, on the other hand, has the highest difficulty where all flight assistance is disabled.

This includes the auto pursuit feature, so players won’t automatically have their enemies on screen during a fight.

The live stream shows the glimpse of the intro of the game which features the story behind Juno Markev. And in this prequel, gamers will be playing as Juno Markev. Players will be flying across the galaxy, taking on contracts and completing missions here and there, and blowing up enemies.

But that’s not all. There are several characters that players can meet and be pals with. And they’ll be able to provide some assistance to players when they’re in a scrap. It’s somewhat similar to an RPG companion who comes with personal missions and even banters with the player.

When not doing any missions, players can spend their free time on space stations. They will be able to hang out in bars and even make new friends. Additionally, there are also some mini-games which can be found at the bars. Players will also be able to upgrade their ships and even buy a brand new one.

Baldree also answered some questions on the stream. He talked about guilds, travel, and even weapons in the game. Those who are wondering about these and more might find some answers on the stream.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming soon, but no specific release date is revealed as of yet. The game will be available exclusively on the Epic Store at first. Once the exclusivity deal ends, it will be available on other platforms.