Little Misfortune Game Demo Released On Steam; An 8-Year-Old Girl Alone In The Woods, What Could Go Wrong?

Little Misfortune Game Demo Released On Steam; An 8-Year-Old Girl Alone In The Woods, What Could Go Wrong?
Credit: killmonday games

A game demo of the new title from Killmonday has dropped on Steam. And from the clip, Little Misfortune shows a lot of promise if you take out the creepiness factor.

In the game, you play an 8-year-old girl named Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez. She seems to be hearing a booming voice that guides her and answers all her questions. What’s clear is that she’s the only one hearing this voice.

The name of his new friend is Mr. Voice. Of course.

Misfortune is looking for eternal happiness. In fact, that’s what Mr. Voice has promised her if they venture out into the woods for an adventure. How could the little girl resist when she will gift happiness to her mom?

Little Misfortune is billed as an interactive story with multiple alternate endings. The focus here is the character and how your decisions will have dire consequences.

The game doesn’t seem to have any problem sending the girl to the woods alone. Bring along your favorite shovel because you are visiting a pet cemetery. You will also be committing petty crimes while you’re at it.

While in the woods, for instance, Misfortune will pet a wolf and a Kraken. And the Kraken is not even the scariest part.

There’s a monster in the woods. And you will fall in love. Not necessary in those order.

Oh, did anybody mentions that there are missing children?

But what really can you expect from the team that gave you Fran Bow?

In that game, you play Fran, a girl with a mental health problem on the cusp of fulfilling her destiny. Fran Bow starts innocently enough. You arrive home with the dismembered remains of your parents.

She ran off to the woods and stumbled upon Mr. Midnight, the black cat gifted to her by her parents.

Naturally, Fran is shocked by the very traumatic episode. She blacked out, and when she came to, she’s already inside the Oswald Asylum.

Tales of abuse of children admitted inside abound. It’s time to find out of they are true. The worst part is, you don’t know where Mr. Midnight has gone off to.

Go to the Steam page for Little Misfortune so you can see for yourself if this is the game for you. You can also visit the developer page for more news and updates. There’s no release date yet for Little Misfortune but it will come out later this year.