Battle Pets And Collectibles Intended To Be Expanded In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Battle Pets And Collectibles Intended To Be Expanded In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

The upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion is going to be filled with an incredible amount of collectibles to be… collected. Wowhead teased a few of these in relation to the Battle Pet system, with a trio of pets and a few items being discussed!

If you aren’t familiar with the Battle Pet system, World of Warcraft is filled with non-combat companion pets that have little purpose outside of following you. While they’ve been around since the game’s inception, it wasn’t until the Battle Pets system was implemented that they were given a practical use.

Battle Pets is a turn-based combat system minigame wherein players battle their pets against each other’s or against NPCs. This brings a level of practicality and organization to a pet’s type and what abilities they’ll use, making them more than just cute.

Outside of being a fun pastime, the Battle Pets system comes with plenty of useful qualities as well. It’s possible to level up through the system, as there are plenty of quests that become available for battling, as well as battles generally rewarding experience.

The Shadowlands expansion will be bringing plenty of new battle pets for players to collect and send into combat against each other, as well as expansion-specific items relating to them. The following three are the ones that Wowhead has most recently shown off.

The first is a spectral cat named Lucy, sent to Revendreth after her death – as all cats are, apparently. Lucy will be an undead type Battle Pet.

Second comes the Spriggan Trickster, a reward for completing the Family Exorcist achievement. A tricky tormenter from the Ardenweald, the allied Spriggan Trickster will be a humanoid type Battle Pet.

If you want a different Spriggan, the Winterleaf Spriggan is your third Battle Pet, obtained through the Abhorrent Adversaries of the Afterlife achievement. This Spriggan will also be a humanoid type Battle Pet.

Accompanying these three Battle Pets are the following items to help round out customizability and collections:

First comes the Mawsworn Pet Leash, a pet leash that will have a more Maw-themed appearance, in case you want to look like you’re walking your dog with the cute accessories of the damned and tormented souls. This item is a reward for completing the Battle in the Shadowlands achievement.

The final two items are customizable outfits for your Perky Pug, if you’ve unlocked them. The “Flying Faerie” costume dresses your Perky Pug in a Night Fae themed outfit, whereas the “Adorable Ascended” option will bring a Kyrian themed outfit instead.