Escape From Tarkov’s 12.7 Update Is Now Live For Players

Escape From Tarkov’s 12.7 Update Is Now Live For Players
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Escape from Tarkov has been a pretty successful multiplayer shooter. Ever since 2017, players online have enjoyed the closed beta with its hardcore and realistic elements. Although the game isn’t officially out yet, there has been enough to keep fans interested.

The game just got even better too thanks to its 12.7 Update. It’s now available for players and comes with a lot of noteworthy improvements and new content. For the sake of time, let’s just focus on the main takeaways.

Let’s start with the Customs map, which was reworked. Now the industrial area and construction site will be more expansive, with new explorable buildings. That should give players more tactical opportunities when in the heat of battle.

There will also be some new weapons, including an FN GL40 grenade launcher and the Mossberg 590A1 shotgun. You can check them out for yourselves by viewing the most recent teaser trailer that came out to promote this most recent update. They seem pretty powerful and perfect for those looking to unload a ton of damage up close.

In addition to these new weapons, some damage stats have been reworked. Most notably, the chest region has been adjusted to 5 HP. This should decrease the possibility of chest skills with one shot, which has been one of the more stressful aspects of gameplay thus far.

It’s good seeing the developer Battlestate Games addressing some concerns the community has had. They have a pretty popular first-person shooter on their hands, and they want to continue to improve it so that it remains relevant in the FPS space. So far, so good.

Other notable adjustments coming out of Update 12.7 deal with stimulants, skill system, and AI behavior. The overall goal from the developer was to make Escape from Tarkov more user-friendly and fun to play. If you’re looking for a full list of changes and upgrades, there are patch notes on the game’s official website.

If you haven’t yet experienced this intense shooter, now’s a great time. It has only gotten better since the closed beta kicked off. Pre-orders are still available and you can check out the promising combat by visiting Battlestate Games official website and using their launcher.

You’re in store for some tense moments and a lot of diversity in terms of weapon selection. Whether you want to go in hot or play the long game, there are so many amazing moments waiting in Escape from Tarkov.