Earthlock 2 Has Unveiled Its First Teaser Trailer And Confirms Xbox Series X And PlayStation 5 Release

Earthlock 2 Has Unveiled Its First Teaser Trailer And Confirms Xbox Series X And PlayStation 5 Release
Credit: Snowcastle Games via Youtube

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Snowcastle Games started working on the sequel to their JRPG style game. Earthlock 2 is apparently in production and it seems that the game will be headed for new platforms and old. Fans only hope that this next chapter in the classic franchise will be a little less grindy than the first.

This sequel is being built in Unreal Engine and specced for next-generation hardware. To celebrate the developer’s accomplishments, they have released a teaser trailer to show off the amazing graphics of the title. This title will take the franchise to the next level in a complex open-world RPG setting.

Revisit the World of Umbra in a new open-world adventure. Customize your experience and enjoy beautiful reimagined graphics in a new interlocking and complex system. As you explore the land watch the world evolves around you.

The developers are prioritizing replayability in this sequel. With the extra depth and customization, players will be able to find an emergent and powerful story. Enjoy a new look into the classic Earthlock world.

Umbra has stopped spinning on its axis. Half the world is shrouded in permanent darkness while the other is constantly baked in sunlight. There is a border in the middle that is granted the middle of both worlds. Travel with a group of friends as you find and rescue their missing family members.

The original Earthlock was a new take on the classic RPG genre. Experience classic turn-based combat in a unique and brilliant world. Enjoy the cartoonish style and the challenging combat as you explore a world full of danger.

Although the game was set in the magical world of Umbra, the first game took place in Zenit. This small section of the world was full of magic, mystery, and the secrets of the Earthlock Artifact.

The world is full of unique races and heroes. Beat your enemies in your own unique way using powerful abilities and unique features.

No matter what, the use of a higher quality engine and the extra work to make it next-gen compatible might be enough to move this from an indie quality game to a wider quality. Enjoy this unique adventure as information is slowly revealed.

For more information be sure to follow Earthlock 2 on Steam. Snowcastle Games can be found on social media along with a main website that will provide more story information slowly. Get ready for a new epic adventure.