Post-Apocalyptic Strategy RPG Doomcar Brings Driving Mayhem To Mobile Devices

Post-Apocalyptic Strategy RPG Doomcar Brings Driving Mayhem To Mobile Devices
Credit: Doomcar Official Website

Yoozoo Games has announced a new strategy RPG revolved around driving in a post-apocalyptic world. The mobile game is now available on iOS and Android with single and multiplayer features. The game takes place in a bleak future, but players can team up with others or take on the world alone.

Doomcar takes place in the year 2057, where massive space vehicles began appearing above Earth. The alien spacecrafts destroyed a majority of the civilized world, leaving the survivors to pick up the pieces.

Since the alien attack, the planet is now a wasteland poisoned with deadly radiation. Humanity has managed to rebuild somewhat, but most technology won’t function because of the powerful electromagnetic waves pulsing in the atmosphere.

In this bleak world, armored combat vehicles are used as tools of war. Groups have banded together into factions and fight over what resources are left.

Doomcar puts placers behind the steering wheel in this idle strategy RPG. Players can drive around and view the wreckage after the attack. There are over 100 vehicles to choose from or upgrade into the perfect armored fighting machine.

Once a player is out on the open road, they’ll compete in Battle Royale-style matches against other drivers. Players can create chariot battle formations and customize each driver’s skills, affinities, and progression.

The official website has examples of some of the chariots players can drive and upgrade. There are also several commanders to choose from with various skills to control the vehicles. Each commander has strengths and weaknesses, so players will have to choose the best one for the task.

There are multiple modes to tackle, from solo, co-op, PvP, plus giant clan versus clan scenarios. The advanced matchmaking system ensures that everyone fights in a fair but competitive environment. The battles are open to everyone: from beginners to seasoned veterans.

The game is on both iOS and Android devices with global cross-server capability. Players aren’t held back based on the platform they’re playing on and fight against others through any online mode.

Doomcar is free-to-play and is a download of 645 MB, but comes with in-app purchases. The purchases are for the in-game special currency “diamonds,” but players can purchase limited-time packs with more exclusive content.

Doomcar is available now on iOS and Android.