Wasteland 3 Just Received A New Trailer That Breaks Down Its Story And World

Wasteland 3 Just Received A New Trailer That Breaks Down Its Story And World
Credit: GamersPrey via YouTube

If you like post-apocalyptic settings in games, then the Wasteland series is definitely one to check out. These games always have amazing storylines and in-depth RPG elements, from how you approach combat to figuring out ways to survive.

The first two games were amazing, with Wasteland 2 going on to achieve Game of the Year back in 2014. Despite how great these games are, Wasteland 3 is shaping up to be even better.

The developer inXile Entertainment looks to have enhanced the next installment in all of the right ways. The graphics appear to be crisper and there seems like even more things you’ll get to control.

As it stands now, Wasteland 3 is scheduled to release on August 28. That’s a couple of months away, but fortunately, eager fans looking to get their hands on this RPG don’t have to remain in the dark regarding its story and world.

A new trailer is out now that breaks down these elements in greater detail. It’s definitely worth the watch if you’ve followed this series since the beginning and are excited to see what improvements have been made in the upcoming installment.

The trailer starts off talking about the intro to Wasteland 3. The setting is now snowy Colorado. You and your Desert Rangers have moved here to help the Patriarch of Colorado, who is asking you to save his lands from his bloodthirsty children.

According to Nathan Long — one of the senior writers, Wasteland 3 will have the same story elements found in previous installments. There will be moral dilemmas you’re forced to face and some tough decisions you’ll have to make.

Long also says in the trailer that the humor will be much of the same, which should break up the more tense aspects of the story.

Based on some of the gameplay from the trailer, the Colorado setting looks absolutely perfect for the themes this game has. The snowy environments just add to the tension that your Desert Rangers now feel after having to flee their beloved Arizona homeland.

You can tell the developer spent plenty of time getting the aesthetics and atmosphere just right. They’ve really done a great job at giving this game such a unique backdrop for a presumably emotional and action-packed adventure.

Wasteland 3 isn’t even out yet, but it’s looking like an amazing installment in a highly successful series. You can bet the developer has a lot of surprises in store for players come August 28.