Demo Gameplay Is Now Available For Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Demo Gameplay Is Now Available For Marvel’s Iron Man VR
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

One of the more anticipated VR games set to release this summer is Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Developed by Camouflaj, this immersive shooter lets players become one of the most popular superheroes of all time.

Never before has Iron Man been portrayed this way in a video game. It’s taking immersion to the next level thanks to the PSVR headset. It has suffered several delays, but it finally looks like the developer has this game back on the right track.

A demo is currently available on the PlayStation store for those interested in checking it out prior to launch. That means there is also demo gameplay available to break down.

The video starts off showing a user manning the PSVR’s controls. They’re what you’ll be using to control Iron Man’s actions and movement. The main display is shot from a first-person perspective, which makes sense given that this is a VR game after all.

Like so many other PSVR titles currently on the marketplace, the controls seem really responsive. The user can move his hands around and even turn them, and Iron Man will respond to the movements in real time.

The trailer acts as a sort of training sequence for first-time players. After all, you won’t just be able to push a button to activate Iron Man’s repulsers. Rather, you’ll have to be strategic with hand placement and angles.

The movement systems seem very in-depth and authentic compared to Iron Man featured in the Marvel movies. It’s these details that show Camouflaj took their time to give players an authentic Iron Man experience.

The trailer then shows the user enjoying Iron Man’s repulser blasts. You can see that a lot of precision is involved in getting the blasts to go in the right spot. That just adds to the immersion and should make combat extremely fun right out of the gate.

It’s important to note that there are aim and flight assist technologies to assist with movement. Otherwise, the mechanics would probably be a little too complex to master — even for the more advanced VR user.

All in all, Iron Man VR looks like one of the better VR games to come out in some time. The VR space hasn’t caught on like many developers have hoped, but it’s games like this that show off its true potential.

Hopefully, more great VR experiences can come out to keep this segment thriving for many more years to come.